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Create a 6 figure content strategy in 30 minutes with this 3 step system.   


Play the short video training below to stop worrying about where to start with content marketing and create a content calendar for your B2B firm in less than 30 minutes so you can spend your time delivering client projects. 







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Hello, I'm Howard. 

I am a digital marketing consultant, trainer and coach. I am also the creator of the Digital Marketing Formula - practical training for B2B firms. 

You are here because you are overwhelmed with the amount of choice in how to grow your firm using digital channels. You don't know if you should be running search ads, Facebook posts or continuing to email your prospects. 

As the owner of a small-medium business you are stretched for time and want to make sure you focus on growing the business by spending time where it matters. 

I know how you feel. After 15 years in advertising and marketing, I set up my own small consultancy four years ago. While working for myself I realised that I wanted to take all the knowledge that I had working with some of the biggest brands and help those firms that need it - yours! 

Now, I want to share my three stage content marketing training with you.

This workshop covers: 

What: content marketing is 

Why: you need to use it 

How: to create a content calendar and plan 

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Learn by Doing: Get Results with Practical Exercises.

Content marketing workshop is not just theory. Our video training has practical exercises that allow you to implement what you learn and get results immediately. Take action today and see your business grow!

Take control of your content marketing strategy 

Say goodbye to expensive freelancers and agencies. You can learn how to create key content marketing assets on your own. Take control of your strategy and grow your business with confidence. 

Master the art of content marketing with proven frameworks 

Our content marketing workshop is your key to mastering the what, why and how of content marketing. With our three-stage training program, you'll learn everything from why content marketing is important for B2B brands to how to create a content calendar. 









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