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Your Challenges






You don't have time

It is hard running your own firm. You are busy with all aspects of the business and trying to find the time to spend on marketing isn't a priority. But you know, that you need to start working on building your brand and getting consistent leads. 







You have tried it all before 

Maybe you have someone doing your SEO or someone that has helped build your website. You have tried to work with external parties before to limited success. That is why you need to learn the fundamentals yourself. 







You get confused by technology 

Don't worry - we all do. With a little patience and some good people that you can ask most technology problems can be easily overcome. There is also a whole lot of no-code solutions which means you don't need to be tech whiz kid any more. 







Hello, I'm Howard. 

I am a digital marketing consultant, trainer and coach. I am also the creator of the Digital Marketing Formula - practical training for B2B firms. 

You are here because you are overwhelmed with the amount of choice in how to grow your firm using digital channels. You don't know if you should be running search ads, Facebook posts or continuing to email your prospects. 

As the owner of a small-medium business you are stretched for time and want to make sure you focus on growing the business by spending time where it matters. 

I know how you feel. After 15 years in advertising and marketing, I set up my own small consultancy four years ago. While working for myself I realised that I wanted to take all the knowledge that I had working with some of the biggest brands and help those firms that need it - yours! 

Now, I want to share my nine-stage training program with you. The Digital Marketing Formula covers all digital marketing essentials. From business to sales activity, we'll equip you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in todays competitive landscape. 

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A simple three stage practical course framework 







Module 1: Think 

The best of the strategic frameworks that you need to build your B2B brand covering business, brand, content marketing and competitor analysis. 

This module gives you the foundation to build a rock-solid brand that is based on customer intelligence to stand out in a cluttered market. 







Module 2: Plan 

Covering all of the key digital marketing channels such as search-engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), digital advertising, Facebook ads, website activity, content marketing, partnership outreach. 

This module gives you a broad understanding on all of the key channels that you might want to use to communicate with customers. 







Module 3: Experiment 

Once you have the strategic frameworks, and chosen key channels, you need a system to start launching activities in the digital world. 

This module provides a system for building, testing and learning through careful measurement about what works for you and your firm. 






Why learn with us? 






Build a brand that resonates with your customers.

A brand strategy that's based on customer insights is key to building a successful business. With Digital Marketing Formula, you'll learn how to create a brand that resonates with your audience and stands out in the marketplace. Plus, our practical learning approach includes worksheets and templates so you can implement what you learn immediately. Start building your brand today.






Maximise your digital potential.


It's not just about being present in every digital channel, it's about finding the right ones for your business. With Digital Marketing Formula, learn how to identify which channels (paid, organic or partnership) are right for you and take advantage of them to maximise your digital potential. Get practical learning with worksheets and templates that allow you to implement what you learn immediately.






Transform your business with data-driven marketing

Stop guessing and start growing your business with data-driven digital marketing campaigns. With our online training course, you’ll learn how to create, launch and analyse campaigns that will help you build your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. Plus, with practical learning, worksheets and templates, you can implement what you learn immediately for maximum impact.






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The Complete Curriculum 


  • Learning Outcomes 
  • Course System 

Module 1: Think 

  • Business strategy 
  • Value proposition canvas 
  • Customer journey map 

Module 2: Learn 

  • Paid channels (Facebook, Google) 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Organic channels (email, content) 
  • Website 
  • SEO 
  • PPC 

Module 3: Experiment 

  • Goals 
  • Analytics 
  • Measurement approach 
  • Sprint Plan 

Bonus: Community Access 





TOTAL VALUE: $45,000



You will also receive the bonuses below ... 

Free bonuses

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$2,500 Value 




Bonus #1: Content Marketing Guide 

Detailed 28 page pdf on the What, How and Why content marketing can play for your B2B firm. 





Bonus #2: Email newsletter headlines 

The top 19 email headlines that I have found. 





Bonus #3: Free 1:1 coaching session 

Free 30 minute coaching session with Howard Wilbury to turbocharge your learning journey. 





Bonus #4: Access our private B2B owner community 

Join our private community and learn from some of your peers. 





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Is this course right for me?  

I get it.

It can all be a little confusing.

Rest assured I have spent the last 18 months building this course after working with a number of clients 1:1 using the exact same methods and techniques that I teach in this course.

After working in adland for the last 10 years, I was keen to see how I could work closer to improve small-medium owner run businesses.

That is why I created the Digital Marketing Formula - a practical training that I wish that I had when I started my firm five years ago. 

I am keen to make sure you're learning process is enjoyable and most importantly practical! 

At the end of this program you will have a digital marketing blueprint to up-skill and put in place straight away. 




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