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Watch: the 3 step content marketing framework to create content that converts!

It is great to have you here. Watch the short video below to see the 3 step framework to create B2B content that converts in less than four hours a week. 




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What you will learn in the free training 

  • What content marketing is
  • Why your firm needs to use it to grow your business
  • How to create a simple content calendar and start creating content that converts! 
  • The 9 step solution that helps build your online brand and differentiate your firm
  • With content, consistency is key learn how to create everyday actions that increase your content marketing expertise 
  • Develop a content strategy to attract and engage your target audience, establish you as an industry thought leader, and drive business growth
  • Sign up today and start creating content that converts immediately through using our tools and templates 

The benefits of the system 

  • It is practical and simple 
  • It is a combination of the best theoretical frameworks with simple application exercises for your firm 
  • It can be started immediately with no lengthy training 

My special offer to you 

Attention: B2B Business Owners. 

Do you want to create content that converts customers into lifelong fans? 

Our content marketing workshop provides you with a short-cut to boost your business using organic channels and without spending a fortune on paid ads! 

I know it is easy to get overwhelmed with not knowing where to start when it comes to using content marketing to grow your business. I know that you're time pressed and super busy in running the day to day client delivery of projects. However, you know that you need to be building relationships with future clients and customers so that you have a fuller pipeline in the future. 

Our B2B content marketing workshop is a simple, practical 30 minute workshop designed to get you started in your content marketing activities today! 

Content marketing is step four of our nine-step blueprint to build your digital marketing expertise. It is one of the tools that you will learn as a part of the Digital Marketing Formula looking to build digital brands through practical training.

If you would like help to up-skill, then apply for a free strategy session in the link below.  

I look forward to speaking with you. 








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